Somewhere Between is run by sister-duo, Mignon & Charmaine – two style savvy, detail-driven individuals with a passion for parenting and an abundance of tween knowledge between them.  

These “tween” years (as they begrudgingly call them) can be tough for parents and tweens alike. Min & Char know that with a rapidly growing tween comes an ever-evolving sense of personal style. The importance of your child feeling comfortable, stylish and happy in their clothing is so important during this period in their lives.

Most importantly however, many tweens feel like they’re not being taken seriously. They’re developing social awareness, creativity and drive, yet they’re unable to receive the trust and freedom they crave. As parents we see their struggle and feel frustrated and confused but it’s difficult to know what to do.

With a focus on accessibility, Somewhere Between caters for tweens of all different personalities and styles. Whether you’re looking for on trend pieces or everyday casuals, have a keen interest in brand names or simply want the best quality for the best price, Somewhere Between gives you access to a comprehensive directory of quality brands, products and services.  The list of featured retailers is carefully curated by the girls and features a number of smaller, independent stores that otherwise would be hard to stumble across.

Not just for shopping you will also be able to read advice about nutrition, hormones, skincare, emotional resilience, cyber security, book recommendations, age appropriate music/movie/TV recommendations, book reviews, travel, interiors, parties, fashion + more.

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Photography by Nina Lange, Intrigue Photography & Gallery

Somewhere Between was created as a platform to help navigate through those tween years – to bring together the very best clothing, products, services and advice in the one place. I wanted to make this important life stage in your children’s lives effortless and memorable – a time to embrace and a time to flourish.

Please join us in the journey!  As we’re in this together, it’s important that we provide you with the products and information you really need. So if you have any requests or even want to contribute something of your own, please drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you.

- Charmaine Sisomphou, Co-founder