Boys & Girls Tween Clothing

Blue Rebel jeans draw their inspiration from original vintage styles, with authentic details and genuine washes, but with the unruliness of youngsters who want to go their own way.

The streets culture of Brooklyn, New York is woven into every pair of jeans. And, yes, we’re sometimes pushing the trends to the limits - just as rebellious as the ones who wear this label!  The tops from the Blue Rebel SPOT ON collection complete the troublemaker’s look.

Keen to learn more about this brand?

Blue Rebel separates its clothing collections into Dudes and Betties.

They call the boys DUDES. The term DUDE refers to an awesomly cool guy. One that is rebellious, stylish, selfconfident, and yes you can say he's a trouble maker! Don't mess with a DUDE in his jeans.

They call the girls BETTIES. The term BETTY refers to a cool chick. One that is attractive, fashionable and selfconfident. A BETTY is typically a looker in her jeans! But beware… sometimes she’s up to making trouble…

Sizing: 92-176 (approx. 18 months - 16 years)

Located: The Netherlands

Shipping: Europe

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