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Developing a skincare routine for your tween

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As much as we would like them to, unfortunately our children can’t stay young forever. It’s inevitable that they are going to grow up and experience all of the exciting, fun and scary aspects that puberty brings along with it. One of the not-so fun parts of puberty is the ever-changing balance of hormones which […]

Bedtimes for older kids

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Bedtimes can be a real battleground between parents and their teens. Study, sleep and socialising all seem to compete with one another. I asked my Facebook community what their thoughts were on bedtimes for teenagers. The discussion covered what time parents send their kids to bed on school nights, weekends and holidays. Interested to hear what the outcome was? […]

Nourishing tweens: how to encourage healthy eating

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This week we have asked one of Sydney’s leading nutritionists, Kathryn Hawkins, to give us tips on how to encourage healthy eating with your tween. Kathryn is an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD), Accredited Nutritionist (AN), Presenter and busy Mum. She is recognised as a nutrition expert in the areas of women’s health & wellness; treating and preventing […]

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