Clocks for Kids & Tweens

CLOCKSICLE is a new range of specifically designed clocks for kids and tweens!  They come in a range of beautiful, bright colours to coordinate with any child’s bedroom.  Each clock has numbers and a dot for every minute. As a result, they are super easy for kids to tell the time.  They also have a quality, silent mechanism, so don’t tick and keep kids awake at night.

CLOCKSICLE are perfect clocks for tweens, whether they are 8 or 14.  They’ll look beautiful in, and match their room, help with their numeracy and learning to tell the time and keep them “on” time, and better able to manage their own schedules.  Perfect!  Now which will your child choose?

What to expect?

These gorgeous clocks for kids are bright, happy and super stylish. Designed to fit right in with your current tween bedroom decor, they come in 13 different unique colours and styles!

Located: Australia

Shipping: Worldwide

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