This week we chatted with the fabulous Brandi Love, otherwise known as @the.hectic.eclectic - a mother of three, self-described 'organised maximalist', whose eclectic boho style has attracted over 46k followers on Instagram. Brandi talks to us about how she styled the gorgeous shared bedroom of her tween girls. We love all the different combinations she comes up with and have also included some of the older images from her Instagram account so you can see how the room has evolved over the past year or so and give you even more inspiration to get styling at home!

Enjoy x

How would you describe your overall style? 

I would describe my style as unique, colourful and fun. I love mixing patterns and colours and just exploring how I can make the different styles work together.

Who does this room belong to? 

This room belongs to my two daughters Tahli & Hannah aged 8 and 10.

Was there a certain “look” or theme you were going for? 

Not really. I started with a muted colour pallet of mainly black, grey and some pastel pink but had some bright coloured quilts in the cupboard that my grandmother had made for the girls. During winter, I decided to put them on the beds which I really loved the look of. The bright pop of pink and purple on the beds looked great so I decided to add some complimenting colours to the rest of the room. From there the colour pallette just grew. 

Are your kids involved in the decorating or are they happy to let you do your thing?

Yes they love to get involved, they help me choose their colours but some times they'll just let me do my thing. I try to match the items I buy for the room to their personalities. Tahli is a boho kid who loves rainbows and blues & teals and Hannah is more of a pink and purple kid who loves princesses and puppies.

What’s your favourite thing about the room? 

I love that I can mix and match literally anything and it just 'goes'. I've tried so many different combinations of colours and patterns in here and I feel that it still looks like a great room every time.

What's an easy DIY we can do at home to brighten up a tween bedroom?

I love adding embellishments to items. I've added pompom trimming to a cheap seagrass basket and scalloped edges to the drawers using some circle wall decals cut in half. Another cheap and easy DIY is recovering your lampshades with a cute printed fabric.

Where is your favourite place to shop for kid’s interiors? 

I don't really have a favourite store that I frequent. I love searching Instagram and online for colourful bright art and unique pieces by small Australian businesses. If I can't find what I'm searching for then sometimes I'll DIY them. I do love checking out the Adairs kids section though. 

Where is your favourite place to shop for homewares in general? 

Mostly op shops & online stores like Zanui. If I'm looking for something that I want or need asap then I'll check out Spotlight, TKMaxx & Adairs.

What piece was your best bargain? 

My Moroccan Boucherouite rugs, I bought both of them at a discounted price. 

What item was your biggest splurge? 

They're not in my girls room but definitely my Boucherouite rugs from Nouvelle Nomad. I have two that I just love, one in my living room and one in my bedroom. 

Are there any items on your wishlist? 

Yes, I'd love to buy some coloured Turkish towels. I plan to get one of each of our favorite colours and I've always wanted a set of Jade/Emerald green agate coasters. 


1. Prints from Grotti Lotti

2. Buffet and drawers from Mocka

3. Kantha Quilts from Adore India

4. Rug from the Rug Emporium

5. Canopy and rug from Adairs

6. Round Pom Pom Cushions from Closely Knit

7. Stuffed elephant head from Zebra Design Mini

8. Watercolour from Kylie Ferriday Art

9. Dream catcher from Typo

10. Miss Klara from Mrs Mighetto



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