Dear Santa | A Kombilife Christmas Story

It's all fun and games until Santa checks the naughty list!

Dear Santa

Before I explain how much do you know already?

Dear Santa

I have been very good for the last few weeks also let's focus on that.

Dear Santa

It was my sister's fault.

Dear Santa

I can explain...

Dear Santa

Define good.

Naught but Nice tee & pillow from Little Lords

Christmas 2020 tee and PJ's from Paper Wings Australia

Slides and towel from Band of Boys

Kip & Co. Santa Sack from Raphael & Romeo

Photography & Styling by Nicole Langford



Nicole Langford

Mother to teen, tween and threenanger… Stumbling through this thing called motherhood while following my passion for photography, fashion and anything else I can fit into that time where a mother has barely time to scratch herself or even have a toilet trip by herself… In between running to paddocks and moving machinery #farmlife #motherhood

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