Encouraging Kindness In Tweens With Your FREE Random Act of Kindness Cards

random acts of kindness cards for kids

Sometimes the simple ideas are the best ideas

Have you ever heard of random acts of kindness cards? Making the world a better place seems like a big ask, at first glance. At Somewhere Between we’re firm believers in encouraging our tweens to make a difference in this world by simply being themselves. Treating others how we’d like to be treated is where we start; to put it simply, being kind.

Sometimes the simpler ideas are the best ones.

Actually encouraging kindness in tweens on the other hand can be a big ask some days. Let’s face it, the very act of cleaning up their own room or helping with the family dishes can be a mammoth task!

However, with a little clever thinking and some light encouragement we can work alongside our tweens to help them discover their own, unique, kind heart. We’ve explored other ideas here at Somewhere Between, such as through journaling to express gratitude. We believe it’s about setting up small reminders and rituals that allow our tweens to take a step back and appreciate what they have.

At the end of the day, kindness matters. It’s simple, and it’s a mindset that will take your kid far in life.

Our free download: Random Acts of Kindness Cards for Kids & Tweens

With that, we’d like to introduce our Random Acts of Kindness cards for kids and tweens. They’re cute, practical, and empower your tweens to take some time out of their day to do something kind for a fellow human being.

random acts of kindness cards for kids

It’s the simple things that can make the most lasting impact, so that’s what we’ve focused on.

Let someone stand ahead of you in a queue. Bake something for a friend or neighbour. Leave positive chalk messages on the ground. Tiny acts, small acts, that can change someone’s entire day for the better.

Random Acts of Kindness Cards

Download them and give them a go! There’s something for everyone, and every comfort zone, from making dinner for the family, to letting someone else make the choice. A gentle, positive reminder of how easy it is to make the world a better place, starting with one person.

Step 1 -

Download your free cards in either A4 or US Letter size. Print on card (if possible) if not paper and cut!

random acts of kindness cards for kids
RAOK cards

Step 2 -

Make them your own; cards like “See a need and fill it” gives your tween plenty of control and choice but not all cards may be suitable for your family. You may not have any relatives close by to visit. You might not be comfortable having your child cook you dinner yet. Brainstorm some more ideas with your children and ask them to fill in the blank cards.

RAOK cards

Step 3 -

Now you're ready to go! Some ideas:

Try doing this together! Pick a random act out of a hat, and lead by example. Or let your child choose a card with an act he/she is comfortable with.

For the adventurous, try one random act of kindness a day. See if you can get through them all. If once a day is too much, you can aim for one act a week.

RAOK challenge!

Ask your kids to challenge themselves (not against each other but a personal best) to see how many they can get through in one week or one month.

Pop a card in their lunch box each day or ask them to take them to school and hand them out to their friends so they can go on a spreading kindness mission together!

Keep communication lines open. Cards like this spark discussion and bring up matters close to our hearts – you might be surprised to hear what your child has noticed in the world around them.

They might have an idea bigger than themselves and need help getting it off the ground. Stay open to ideas and be open to guiding their intentions into a productive place.

Above all, have fun. Kindness comes from the heart, sometimes all we need is a little guidance to get there. We hope these cards bring you and those around you many moments of joy and gratitude.

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RAOK cards
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