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I have always loved camping. Every Summer, when I was a girl, my grandmother would load myself and my seven cousins up and take us for a week of “roughing it”. We got to play in a lake, go fishing and cook on an open fire. But my favorite part about camping with my family was how, after dinner, we would all sit around the campfire and tell stories. One person would start, and we would go around the circle, taking turns telling the next part.

I share this tradition with my own kids, but as they’ve gotten older (8 and 10) sharing stories around the campfire has lost its appeal for them. That’s when I started creating camping themed printable games for them to enjoy. While the way we enjoy the fire is different, it still holds that same sense of nostalgia that makes camping special for me.

Camping Scattergories

If you’ve ever played the Scattergories board game, you may already know the rules to this one. Each game has 3 rounds, and you’ll choose your cards before the game begins. Players have to come up with an answer for each of the categories on their list that begin with letters of the alphabet, moving in alphabetical order. This one is super fast-paced and will probably provide a lot of laughs!

Camping Taboo

My daughter loves this game. Here’s how it works: you split into teams of two (for my family this means my husband and daughter on one team and my son and I on the other) and take turns drawing cards. The first player tries to describe the main word on their card for the other team members to guess, without using any of the words listed on the card below. You have to get really creative with this game!

Camping Silly Stories

This one is more reminiscent of the stories we told around the fire when I was a child, with a fun twist! The story is already laid out for us, but we get to choose silly nouns, adjectives and verbs to fill in the blanks to finish it.

Together with camping, these games have brought so much joy and connection to my family. I hope that if you decide to try them that they’ll do the same for yours!

Cait Blakley

Cait Blakley (right) is a homeschool mom of 2 tweens and blogs with her best friend, Allison, at

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