Gelati Jeans is a niche fashion range of beautiful premium quality and comfortable clothing designed specifically with preteen & teenagers in mind!

Fashion for Tweens | Gelati Jeans

The brand offers special pieces that mirror the latest fashion trends, cool enough for the girls to love and want to wear but styling and fits that are adapted to ensure all are age appropriate so that parents feel comfortable about their girls wearing it!

The range covers every day essential pieces but specialises in denim jeans and 'must-have' denim co-ordinates! "The girls love and want to wear denim but no one offers a fashionable jean in premium quality soft- stretch denim that fits properly and lasts?  Gelati Jeans is here to fill that 'gap'! "

Our denim is designed made and washed in Australia, as are many of our other basic co ordinates such as our exclusive printed T's, printed 100% cotton fleece wind-cheaters, tie-dye/splash dye knits and denim track pants, giving all an unique Australian look.

Our 'party wear' is perfect for any special occasion including birthdays, parties and special events with the family.

Perfect little dresses in prints, laces and velvet can be dressed up or down with our gorgeous denim jacket and boots for a more casual look (coming soon!). Amazing winter furs and knitwear compliment all pieces from the range and add a cosy yet chic twist to every outfit.

Sizing: 8 - 14 years

Located: Australia

Shipping: Worldwide

For more tween girl clothing ideas, we also recommend viewing 'Izzy Be' and 'Horses of the Wild'.

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