Dubbed a miracle brush, the Happy Hairbrush detangles even the most tricky hair types without pain. It provides a wonderful pathway to happy households during morning rush hour.

Detangling Miracle | Happy Hairbrush

Offering a unique 100 per cent happiness money back guarantee. This magic hairbrush developed by Sydney Mum Jen Harwood to solve her own daughter’s previously painful hair brushing experiences. Jen is on a mission to create 1 million happy women around the globe!

This is a brand with a big heart – in addition to supporting many charities - including donating over 200 happy hair brushes to the Wesley Mission to support children and families in need.

Jen gives away one of her brushes every day to remind herself daily of her mission to make one million women happy.

Does your daughter struggle with knotty hair?

Located: Australia

Shipping: Worldwide

Stockists: see website

Shopping for your tween daughter? It can be a difficult age to shop for, especially if you are looking for personal care products (Like hair brushes!) or clothing!

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