How to help your children ditch their attitude

If there is one thing that all kids have in common, it is the fact that their grumpy attitude makes an appearance at least once a day. Rolling their eyes, huffing and puffing, and stomping their feet. As a parent, you would have seen it in a variety of forms. However, it is no wonder why, when they are frequently told no they can’t do this and can’t do that. Don’t let a poor attitude ruin their day, or yours. While I’m no parenting expert, here are some of the tools that I use to help my children ditch their attitudes and make the most of their day.

Remind them of consequences

There are consequences for every choice we make. When you do the right thing, the outcome is generally good. However, poor choices lead to poor outcomes. So when your child starts to pout, ask them what they think will happen next? Will they end up in timeout? Will they have to do extra chores? Will it mean an early bedtime tonight? By reminding them that their attitude can lead to some not so fun consequences, they will be ready to brush it off, and move on with their day.

Make respect an expectation

Often today’s kids seem to feel that they are entitled to everything. This can lead to a poor attitude when things do not go their way. Prevent this attitude from becoming an issue by making sure that your children know that you value respect and they should as well. Instilling respect in your children, will help them behave better, leave the attitude aside, and enjoy life more.

Have a sense of humour

Pending on what caused the poor attitude, sometimes all it takes to turn things around is a simple joke. Of course, you do not want to say anything to make them feel they are silly for being upset. A quick quirky comment can be enough to lighten the mood and help your child move on.

Talk them through it

Some children just need someone to talk to. A bad attitude can be erased by chatting with them and talking through it. Your child may not know how to process their emotions. Talk to them and you may notice that they ditch their attitude. Give it a try and see how it works.

Lead by example

One last thing you can do for your children is to set a good example for them. When you’re upset and in a bad mood, try to make the best of it. It’s hard when we take out our bad mood on the kids, but expect them to not do it.

What tips would you add to this list?

Charmaine Chung

Charmaine Chung is one half of the lady boss team behind Somewhere Between, a resource for super mamas everywhere raising kids in the feisty pre-teen and early teen years. Beginning her career in retail fashion, before moving onto the music industry, working for major record labels, Charmaine eventually moved from Sydney to Laos to follow her dreams of starting a family. Four kids and 14 years later, she’s back in Canberra where motherhood has won her over, leading her to develop Somewhere Between - for mums just like her - raising kids who are navigating that space between their childhood and teenage years.

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