Lunette Menstrual Cup

Put simply, Lunette is the future of period care. Born and bred in Finland, the braincchild of Heli Kurjanen, the Lunette menstrual cup was designed for women of every age, shape, size and childbearing stage. The product took Finland and Europe by storm, enabling Lunette to go international.

Enter Australian sister team Elizabeth Chapman and Carol Morris.

Elizabeth and Carol, both working in the health industry as a registered nurse and physiotherapist, couldn't believe that this innovative and game-changing product wasn't available to Aussie women. The duo worked tirelessly to bring the first medical silicone cups to Aussie shores in 2007. Together, they’re hoping to change women’s mindsets about periods, offering both encouragement and empowerment to make more sustainable choices and to free themselves from the limitations of pads and tampons.

Located: Australia

Shipping: Australia

Stockists: Lunette is available worldwide, please check for retailers here or change your location on the website

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