Luv Ur Skin is a range of natural skincare products.  Each product has been specially developed using specifically selected natural ingredients and key plant extracts.  This is to ensure that girls have the best possible chance to keep their skin clean, clear and healthy.

Skin Care for Tweens - Luv Ur Skin

The range was created by teen entrepreneur, Izzi Dymalovski. With the help of expert formulators, to create the perfect formula that is scientifically proven to be safe and effective on all skin types, even sensitive skin.

Luv Ur Skin has since become one of the most popular skincare brands available in the Australian market today.

Located: Australia & United States

Shipping: Australia, New Zealand & United States

Stockists: Priceline

Finding the right skin care range for your tween or teenager can be really challenging! No two teens are the same and everyones skin is surprisingly different. If you have tried one and don't feel it is working for them, don't give up!

Why not also view our 'Clean Tween' for girls, or '808 Dude' for boys.

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