Charmaine Sisomphou is the co-founder of Somewhere Between. She spent her twenties living in Sydney, where she started in fashion retail and ended up in the music industry working for a major record label. She gave up her glam lifestyle to get married and move to South East Asia where she worked for a NGO in Vientiane and gave birth to her first born in Bangkok. With a love of beautiful design and an insatiable addiction to chocolate, she now spends her time in Canberra, Australia with her husband, four children and their puppy.


Mignon Archer is the co-founder of Somewhere Between. She is a working mother of four children ranging from newborn to 14 years. Mignon is passionate about travelling the world with her family and just recently returned from 3 1/2 years living in South East Asia. She hopes to raise kind, generous, tolerant children with a keen sense of adventure. In her spare time she researches all things parenting, particularly issues facing children today, including managing social media, mental illness and finding balance in busy lives.


Nicole Langford developed a passion for fashion after working in the industry for over 7 years. After leaving the city life to travel she found herself falling in love with a farmer who she married and had three beautiful children. In the times she is not working on their farm and caring for their children she dabbles in photography where she has found herself taking photos of her children for brands featured on Instagram. Being so far from city life and the social life she was once accustomed to, she has now started writing about motherhood and every day life as an outlet. Love for all things hippy was where the love of Kombilife happened.  You can follow Nicole on Instagram or over on her blog where she Brings Fashion to the Farm.


Rachel Doherty is the founder of Tweens2teen. She lives in Brisbane, smack bang in the middle of the east coast of Australia. She's a social worker, teacher, and mother of three terrific teenagers.  Married to her husband of 20 years, Pete, the highlights of her life involve these four amazing people, whether it’s sharing a meal or gathering around a noisy game of Ticket to Ride, or heading off on an adventure to explore a corner of the world together. In her spare time she trains youth workers and does a lot of washing and cooking. 



Jenny Tiffen is a mum to four healthy kids and one chubby pug. She dates her husband every Wednesday {and blogs about it over at Love Wednesday}. She honestly believes that she might lose her mind {or her hubby!} if she didn’t make time for her marriage in the midst of ALL the parenting. Family life can get hectic. Jenny is cake-eating-gym-junkie who is Canberra born and bred. She spends 25% of her time on the Gold Coast in their holiday-house because travelling anywhere else with kids sucks. No matter where she is, you can find her on Instagram because taking pictures makes her happy.