In the age of the selfie, it’s easy to be swept up in materialistic wants and needs – and our kids are no exception. Thanks to advertising on the internet and social media, Australian children are under increased pressure to want the latest game, toy or gadget. But what if there was a way to teach children how to be grateful for the small things in their lives?

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The people who love them, and the food they eat? The warm bed they sleep in each night, and the natural world blooming around them?

It’s a proven fact that practicing gratitude every day is good for us. One of the world’s leading scientific experts on gratitude, Robert Emmons, has discovered that the simple act of keeping a gratitude journal on a daily basis can lead to greater happiness. What’s more, it has physical benefits, including lower blood pressure, better sleep and a stronger immune system. According to Emmons, a gratitude journal can be life-changing for people of almost any age.

With this in mind, life long friends Janice and Kellie from Morning Road - designers, creatives and mums dedicated to wholehearted living, created My Book of Gratitude - a gratitude journal created especially for kids and teens.

So, how does a gratitude journal work? It’s simple, really. Each day your child writes or draws something they are grateful for. In as little as five minutes, they’ll learn to celebrate the good things that happen each day, the little moments of kindness, joy and beauty that are so easily overlooked or forgotten. Even more importantly, your kids will reflect on each day for a whole year, giving you - and themselves - an amazing insight into their lives. They’ll be encouraged to dream and imagine, to explore their feelings - highs and lows - and discuss them with you.

Never again will you ask your kids how their day was and receive a one-word reply!

My Book of Gratitude

What’s more, My Book of Gratitude is beautifully illustrated, so that turning each page is a pleasure. There’s plenty of space for children to create and express themselves freely through writing, drawing, or painting, while the 120gsm high-quality paper stands up to even the most dedicated doodler! Whether your child is a budding writer or artist, their creativity will be encouraged to shine.

By practising gratitude every day children will cultivate a lasting sense of happiness and thoughtfulness. And wouldn’t we all benefit from that? Indeed, by teaching our children to appreciate instead of demand, to explore and delight in everyday things, and to develop an understanding of their own feelings. We are one step closer to making the world a kinder, more loving and more beautiful place.

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