REVIEW: Moxie ‘Welcome to Periods’ Subscription Box

Moxie Period Subscription Box Australia

Period Subscription Box Australia

When a girl gets her first period, she may feel a little bit daunted (that could be an understatement!). This can also be a really lovely time to celebrate the transition from childhood with your tween. A period subscription box, available in Australia, sends an empowering message of womanhood to young girls.

For all those Mama’s reading, you’ll remember what those first few months were like. A little bit confusing, a little bit cool, and sometimes a tad embarrassing.

The good news is that companies who make tampons and pads have cottoned onto this and have begun to embrace the celebration, with some really cool products that make getting your first period just a little bit easier.

The awesome team at Moxie have made it their mission to curb period drama, and they have a whole range of purse-worthy, gorgeous products to try. They’ve also come up with these fab subscription boxes. The goal is to help every girl through their period with as little drama as possible.

'Welcome to Period' Box

We were sent a couple of “Welcome to Period” boxes and could totally see how receiving this package in the mail would be a treat for any girl (subscription box win right there!)

Whilst my daughter and I were not reviewing the box (we did, however, give a box to the lovely Jen from @love_wednesday to see what she thought) my daughter noted the yummy giant chocolate freckle straight away! My personal favourite item in the box was the hot water bottle. It was ridiculously cute and just the perfect size for settling cramps.

The period subscription box contained:

     - Mini Tampons in a reusable tin, by Moxie

     - Slenders Pads with wings, by Moxie

     - Slenders Liners, by Moxie

     - Hot Water Bottle, by Moxie

     - Freckleberry Milk Chocolate, by Moxie

     - Moxie Knickers (you can select your size)

     - 2 x LA Fresh feminine wipes

     - A ‘Moxie & Me’ booklet (a mini go-to guide for periods)

Here’s what Jen had to say about the box:

My eldest has recently started getting her periods. When it happened, we bought her a dozen red roses to celebrate the milestone. But then I was gifted a “Welcome to Periods” Moxie box that blew the red roses out of the water! This box of goodies made her feel so special and celebrated at this amazing time of her life. It had everything a girl could ask for, and more.

What was in the box?

The packaging and marketing was super-cute to boot and brought a massive smile to both our faces. Also included was a hot water bottle with knitted heart cover, this alone is worth its weight in gold.

There were mini tampons, pads and liners, all boxed in pretty tins for discretion – my daughter loves this for her school bag. Like many girls at the start, she is less keen on tampons and most comfortable with using pads. The pads themselves were great. Not bulky at all, have wings and do the job confidently.

There was a leaflet with a bunch of womanly information too. I must admit as an adult I disregard information sheets fast but I do remember as a youngster, I would read every page with hunger. The booklet was really good, with a little bit of marketing but mainly facts and myth busters.

Every girl can always do with a new pair of knickers and the Moxie ones in this box were fun, playful, and practical. You can also choose your size when you place an order.

And to top it all off, there was a giant freckle-chocolate bar inside! I cannot recommend this gift higher. It’s absolutely perfect for a daughter or a BFF who is about to join the hood – womanhood that is!

– Jenny (Mum to three girls and one boy who will never quite understand!)

Chocolate in the Period Subscription Box Australia
Moxie Label
Period subscription box Australia - by Moxie
hot water bottle in the period subscription box

Jen also summarised it by telling us she would definitely purchase this box as a gift. That’s a pretty clear winner in our eyes!


Overall I have to say it's a gorgeous package and the perfect introduction to periods. Best of all this period subscription box is available in Australia! Way to go Moxie, for making periods a little bit more bearable, and for helping our girls celebrate this exciting time.

Find the “Welcome to Periods!” tampon+pads boxes here, and pads only boxes here.


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