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This week we chatted with Amy Hadley from Hey Now Interiors. Based in Austin, Texas, Amy loves to create spaces that "don't just look good, they feel good, to inspire your best thoughts, feelings and actions." We are very happy to share these tween bedroom ideas with you, that she designed for 11 year old Paisley.

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Hey Now Interiors Bedroom
Study desk in bedroom
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studio Dream
Pineapple desk lamp
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Tell us a bit about you:

Before I was a designer, I was TV news reporter and anchor. I created a weekly segment called House Proud that explored great local interior design and architecture. I built a great network of friends and designers who helped me finally admit (after 9 years) that interior design is what I really wanted to do!

Storytelling is where I start every project—I ask a lot of questions about what my clients want to do in their rooms. It's not about having pretty things—it's about the life we live our spaces! It's about our stories.

How would you describe your overall style?

Eclectic, colorful, and layered. Furniture is just the beginning. Once you start layering pillows, lights, plants, books... that's when a room really starts to have personality, and draws you in.

Who does this room belong to?

This room was actually a surprise! I call it "Studio Daydream," and it's home to a sweet, thoughtful bookworm named Paisley. She's 11. Paisley's mom (@rootedaustin) is super rad - she's an aerial yoga instructor and holistic health coach for moms. She understands that spaces affect our well being, so as a Christmas present for her girls she and I created designs for both her daughters.

They came home to their surprise makeovers on December 31st! I left a trail of printed emoji's to their rooms 🙂

Was there a certain “look” or theme you were going for?

I call this room "Studio Daydream." I wanted to create a magical space that would grow with Paisley: fun and whimsical for a girl, and empowering and grounding for a teen. So I laid it out in zones, kind of like a studio apartment: an R&R zone for sleeping and reading, a brain zone for studying and creating, and a book zone to bridge the two.

Storage and display space were key, too. Paisley is more imaginative than she is organized. So I contained the chaos with easy, repetitive storage: wall bins instead of a dresser (easy to stuff & wad), book towers instead of a bookcase (they stay relatively tidy because you can only stack so many books per shelf), and wood wall cubes above the desk (display for treasures and trinkets that won't make mom cringe at the clutter).

Where is your favourite place to shop for kid’s interiors?

Urban Outfitters, PB Teen, and Ikea - they're not too expensive, and they have fun and playful design elements that are on-trend, but easy to swap out as you and your tastes grow and change.

What piece was your best bargain?

The Etsy wall decal over the wall bins! I wanted the Eleanor Roosevelt quote to keep Paisley company as she grows into a strong young woman. I custom ordered it from Single Stone Wall Art for $32.

What item was your biggest splurge?

Lighting. While no one lighting element was pricey on its own, we added a lot of it: tape lighting around the wall bins (that you can turn on and off by clapping!), pineapple bedside lamps, feather pendant light, desk lamp, and custom ceiling starburst medallions. The watermelon + pom medallions were one of my favorites, inspired by a light in the women's restroom at a famously funky Tex-Mex restaurant in Austin called Chuy's.

What’s your favourite thing about the room? We love the Eleanor Roosevelt quote!

This is an impossible question! So I outsourced to Paisley 😉 She says her bed: She loves coming into her room and relaxing on her bed or her faux fur bean bag chair. Paisley already had the super fun yellow Jenny Lind bed, the chalkboard wall, and the pale turquoise paint, so it was a great canvas to start with!

Hey now Interiors - Tween Bedroom Ideas
Tween Bedroom

You can follow Amy on Instagram (check out this super cool room she just created for an eight year old girl here) or visit her website here.


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