Tween Zombie Virus

Tween Zombie Virus

TWEEN | Tween Zombie Virus

T is for 'Tween Zombie Virus'. T is also for TRYING… because no matter what, they’re always trying you, trying to get money out of you, trying to get out of jobs, trying to be older, trying to annoy their brothers.

W is for WHAT, WHERE, and WHY… You ask a question "WHAT" as though they didn't hear you. “WHERE are we going, WHAT do I wear, WHY do I have to do that, WHY are we doing that, WHY am I doing that?”

E is for EMOTIONAL... Talk about toddlers, tweens are a whole different ball game. Moodier than a toddler with tantrums.

E is for ERRACTIC .... Total angel one minute, then the next her horns are out with what I call her poo face!

N is for NO because I think sometimes that's the only word she knows...

“Did you clean your room?” “NO!”

“Did you do you homework?” “NO”

“Did you hit your brother? “NO”

No, no, no, no, no!!!

More issues than Vogue.

How about Tween, Wicked, Erratic, Emotional, Nightmare?

What happened to that girl I was talking about a month ago, the one who wanted to be my best friend? My gorgeous Georg.

It's like when your gorgeous baby turns into a screaming tantrum throwing toddler, except your tween is far from cute, she looks more like a walking zombie rolling her eyes at you screeching in this tone that you only hear of on a terrible tween show mixed with some kind of wild animal.

So when my sweet beautiful angelic girl starts screeching like a zombie... and says things like "OMG YOU CAN’T BUY THAT YOU’RE NEARLY 40!” I think to myself ‘who the hell are you and where is my beautiful little girl gone?’

So maybe she should be quarantined to her room because I don't want anyone else contracting the tween zombie virus especially my threenanger…

Tween hormones. Hang onto your horses mamas, you’re in for one hell of a ride.

Nicole Langford

Mother to teen, tween and threenanger… Stumbling through this thing called motherhood while following my passion for photography, fashion and anything else I can fit into that time where a mother has barely time to scratch herself or even have a toilet trip by herself… In between running to paddocks and moving machinery #farmlife #motherhood


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