A Pop Up Museum for Sweet Lovers

How to explain what sugar republic is…

It’s a colourful and magical pop up world where everywhere you turn is the perfect Instagram photo just waiting to be shot. The creators describe it as a magical candy wonderland Insta-Museum.

To an Instagram obsessed stylist and two girls (a tween and a teen) it was an hour of heaven… even for the shopping bag carrying husband of Instagram there was novelty to be had!

The experience starts with a giant pink ball pool set up for all ages. Not just for kids! This ball pit area is limited to 10 people at once, which gives everyone space to take their own ball pool photo creation. I jumped in at first just to photograph the girls but must admit I loved the experience!

A neon photograph wall (that would be my idea of lounge room wall heaven) decorated the ball pit room and set the whole Sydney scene perfectly. Free lollies and ice cream tasting, a giant piece of bubble gum you can lounge on, a swing in a room full of fairy floss and then a giant birthday bake to jump out of. This place is just super sweet fun!

Sessions are timed, and you have an hour to wander, explore and munch. We filled the hour easily. Giggling and heading from room to room snapping away with our cameras.

Make sure you choose your outfit wisely if you do decide to take a visit...in fact go all out in lolly themed outfits! It will make your insta photos even better!

The lolly inspired gift shop was also a treat…Sun Jellies bags, Make Me Iconic Toys and cute t-shirts filled our arms at the end. It was a truly delightful afternoon to spend as a family.

Sugar Republic is a pop up sweets museum and house of fun that launched in June 2018 at the old MacRobertson’s chocolate factory in Fitzroy, Melbourne. For more information please visit their site.

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Anna Critchley
Anna Critchley

Anna Critchley is a stylist with a passion for great retail, hospitality venues and children’s fashion. She is a wife and mother of two girls, aged 14 and 11 years. Anna is constantly planning family getaways. Scouring social media, websites and blogs for new and out of the ordinary places to stay, eat and of course, shop… A passion for capturing memories, Anna is rarely seen without a camera in her hand.

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