TWEEN GOALS: Kherrington Briggs volunteers at Feed My Starving Children

Feed My Starving Children

Kindness in action – ‘Feed My Starving Children’

What does kindness in action look like? In our previous blog “Encouraging Kindness In Tweens” we explored encouraging kindness in tweens through small, daily acts. From baking a cake for a friend, to letting someone else ahead of them in a queue. These small acts can add up to something much, much bigger – a generation growing up thinking of others first.

It’s a simple idea, to be kind. This idea is incredibly powerful.

Following on from this, we wanted to share some real life stories of acts of kindness. Whether big or small, anytime someone goes above and beyond for a fellow human being it’s a step in the right direction.

Kherrington Briggs is a talented young actress. She is making a name for herself through a popular YouTube channel, acting gigs and Instagram page. Kherrington also has an incredibly sweet, humble attitude, making her a fantastic role model for other tweens.

Recently she volunteered for a local charity and her experience was so positive we just had to share it.

We were so happy to be able to have a chat with her – a tween showing kindness, and going above and beyond for those in her community.

Serving up meals and inspiration in one, we asked Kherrington all about her latest act of kindness and how it made her feel.

What did you and your friends do for charity recently?

We went and prepared meals for kids in Jamaica. All together with the entire team we prepared 43,632 meals which will feed 120 kids for one year!

We chose to do it on Martin Luther King Day because he fought for many people to get their freedom in this country. If it wasn’t for Martin Luther King and others, my mom and dad wouldn’t be able to get married and have me and my brother. My mom is from Belize and she is black and my dad is from Colorado and he is white. I wanted to make meals for the kids in Jamaica on Martin Luther’s Day. I wanted to help others the way he helped me and my family.

Can you tell us a bit about how it made you feel – how did you feel at the beginning of the day, and at the end of the day?

I was very excited to go and make the meals because I knew how special this day was. My parents would always talk about what Dr. Martin Luther King did and how it made it better for them to be together. I was shocked when my mom told me that before we had Civil Rights, I would not be able to go to attend my school or be friends with some of my friends. By the end of the day, I was very happy that I made the meals to feed the kids because I know that they will not be hungry.

Did you enjoy yourself?

I had so much fun making the meals for the kids! We were able to go to each station and learn about all the different foods that were in the meal. We made it a contest with other teams to see which team can make the most boxes of food before our time was up.

Whose idea was it to choose Feed My Starving Children – what is it about that charity that you like?

One of my friend’s mom had the idea to go to the charity on Martin Luther King Day. A chance for us to appreciate the great life that this country has given us. I love working with this charity because it’s all about children like me and my friends. When I am there, I see pictures of the kids we are helping. I’m so glad that my acting school chose Feed My Starving Children as one of their favourite charities to support!

Feed My Starving Children

Feed My Starving Children

Talking to Kherrington put a smile on our face. I’m sure you can see from her attitude how positive this experience was for her as well! We love how real the impact of volunteering was for her.

Concepts like race relations can be abstract and hard to grasp for some children and this put a lot into perspective for her. What a brilliant idea, and of course, supported beautifully by her mum and other important role-models in her life.

We know it can feel like a bit of a mine-field encouraging kindness in tweens sometimes, so we’ve gathered some resources to help you out. Take a look at our inspiration journal recommendations to encourage daily gratitude, and our FREE resource – Random Act of Kindness cards.

Kherrington is a talented actor, model and dancer. Check her out on YouTube, follow her on Instagram, or visit her Facebook page.

For more information on Feed My Starving Children and how you can get involved, visit their site.


Has your child volunteered for a local charity? We would love to hear about the different ways you encourage kindness in your home. Let us know in the comments below.

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