8 Inspirational Journals for Tween Girls

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Journals for Tweens

Journals for Tweens - Starting the new year with a fresh journal, pen in your hand and a blank page is one of the best ways to step into creativity. Allowing you to discover ideas and dreams you never knew you had.

Keeping a journal is a beautiful way for tweens to start on their journey of self-discovery. It can be a place to express ideas, create and help our girls discover who they are. Journaling creates a safe space to help tweens navigate the wonderful world of becoming a teenager.

In a brilliant twist in the journaling trend, journals for tweens, specifically created with girls and their parents in mind are emerging at a rapid rate. They are simply fantastic.

These beautiful journals create a safe space for tweens to explore confidence and creativity. With pages brimming with creative prompts and inspiring ideas.

How these journals are used are up to you and your child. They can be a solo adventure, or a chance to collaborate and create a new bond as you encourage them to stretch their expressive selves. Though this list specifically focuses on journals for tween girls, some work well for boys as well (and let me know if you’d like another list specifically for boys!)

The brilliance of guided journaling is that you’re never short of ideas. Flick to a new page if you need to, find a blank space, or follow along. There’s something for everyone.

I’ve tracked down 8 inspirational journals that I think are well worth a look at. They are an excellent place to start the new year with positive intentions. Grab a pen, pick a journal, and settle down for a beautiful chance to bond with your tween girl. You never know what she might discover.

1. Strong Is The New Pretty

Strong Is the New Pretty: A Guided Journal for Girls celebrates everything wonderful in female-forward storytelling. Courage and individuality, confidence, creativity, and joy.

Illustrated throughout with favourite photographs from the best-selling book. Each page features an interactive prompt that encourages freedom in writing, sketching and expression.

This fill-in journal is just for the girls to work on themselves, and focuses specifically on finding strength.

2. I Am A Rebel Girl

Do you have a girl who wants to explore and train her rebel spirit? For the rebel spirit at heart, I Am a Rebel Girl: A Journal to Start Revolutions comes filled with activities that challenge perspective, induce thought, and prompt action.

Activities include writing love notes to your favourite body parts, drawing yourself climbing a mountain, or writing a letter to an elected representative.

This journal leaves girls with an action plan, space for BIG ideas and tools for the future revolution leaders.

3. Choose Kind

Choose Kind Journal: Do One Wonderful Thing Every Day (A Wonder Journal) is a brilliant way to start positive change, and to encourage tweens to reflect on the world around them.

Based on the New York Times bestseller, Wonder, that inspires all readers to reflect on their actions and to “choose kind”. This journal prompts tweens to reflect on ways they can be kind every day to people in their lives, and how to act on these choices.

It works really well as an activity to work on together, and prompts discussion on how our girls can be kind and generous to themselves too.

4. Just Between Us

Just Between Us: Mother & Daughter, A No-Stress, No-Rules Journal is a journal filled with refreshing, positive writing prompts. As the title explains, it’s a journal that works as a bonding exercise between a mum and her daughter.

It’s got some truly great questions to get the conversations started such as:

What did you think the moment your daughter was born? If your daughter could go anywhere in the universe, where would she go?

There’s also loads of free space for writing whatever comes to mind, pages for drawing and making lists - so the journal stays open-ended while exploring the life perspective of the two generations.

5. How To Be A Girl

When you have a girl who needs to record her hopes, dreams and world changing plans. You need to get her a journal like this one.

Full of quotes from notable woman, How To Be a Girl! Journal & Sketchbook inspires creative community projects and kindness challenges. It also has cute little extras like happiness cards your girl can hand out to whoever she sees fit.

With thoughtful journaling prompts and plenty of space to write and draw about other ideas. Your tween will love exploring through this book at her own pace.

6. Question A Day

If you’re looking for a really easy and fun family keepsake, Q&A a Day for Kids: A Three-Year Journal is a perfect activity for you and your tween. There’s nothing lovelier than looking back over thoughts, feelings and dreams of your child. As well as, watching their growth from child, to tween, to young adult.

Children's author Betsy Franco has created a question each day with only a few lines provided for a response. So it’s super quick and easy to record all your tweens answers (when they want to give them!).

You can start this on any day of the year, and your tween may even want to have a go themselves. A time capsule of their ideas about the world and an easy starter for less enthusiastic writers.

7. I Love Science

Based on Rachel Ignotofsky’s New York Times bestselling book Women in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World, this guided journal is perfect for the aspiring tween scientist and logical thinker.

Opening with a brief reference section that contains basic equations, the periodic table, basic HTML codes, and a measurement converter, I Love Science: A Journal for Self-Discovery and Big Ideas then invites your tween to dream through writing prompts like, “What is a challenge you’ve overcome recently?”

Inspirational quotes from women who’ve achieved greatness in the science, technology, mathematics, and engineering (STEM) fields are included, such as famous primatologist Jane Goodall, “Only when our clever brain and our human heart work together can we reach our full potential.”

With loads of writing, drawing, and creativity prompts, your girl will be encouraged to fill the pages with ideas, self-exploration, and big dreams for her future.

8. Big Life Journal

The Big Life Journal for Tweens/Teens (also available as an e-book) is all about growth and empowering your girl to dream about her future - big dreams for girls (aged 11+) ready to take on the world.

With a framework that encourages tweens to develop a positive mind-set of growth, resilience and gratitude, this journal encourages girls to find their true voice. The content helps them discover who they are in a world that wants to tell them how to be, what to do and what to think.

If you’re looking for a journal that encourages self-expression and limitless possibilities, this is the confidence builder your tween will love.

If your girl is aged 7-10 years check out the Big Life Journal for Kids.

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Have you been looking at journals for tweens? Let us know below which one your tween loves the most.

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