6 educational apps for your middle school child

When you think about phone or iPad apps for your kids, you may be thinking of games like Minecraft or Roblox. However, apps don’t have to include just games. Some great educational apps are perfect for your middle school kids. This can not only help them out in the classroom but also make learning fun. Here are six educational apps for your middle schooler.


This puzzle game is designed to teach kids to program. Young programmers will learn the basics of coding and how to work through difficult programming tasks all through a fun and interactive game on their phone or tablet.

DragonBox Algebra 12+

DragonBox Algebra is perfect for those students struggling to grasp algebra concepts. As they complete levels and math equations, they will get to watch their dragon grow, and they can apply the skills they’ve learned in this game to solve algebra equations in class.


If you are hoping to teach your child a second language, then I highly recommend checking out Duolingo. This app is designed specifically for middle schooler grade children and up. Using a game-style system, kids can choose to learn a variety of different languages ranging from Spanish to French.

iCivics Apps

iCivics has some great educational apps to help teach kids about civic topics such as the branches of government, elections, and the bill of rights. There are eight total apps to choose from, and each one can teach your child about essential government topics. *Please note these apps are based on the American system of government

My Molecularium

This fun science game will teach your kids about building molecules and chemicals within molecules. Your kids will have so much fun building molecules; they’ll forget they’re even learning.


Forget spending the time writing on index cards; now your child can study for their upcoming tests and quizzes using digital flashcards! Not only can they create and share flashcards, but they can also search through thousands of flashcards created by others.

Before you give your kids back their devices, consider downloading some of these apps for them.

Charmaine Ana Chung
Charmaine Ana Chung

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