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I’m not one of those Mums who expects breakfast in bed or presents on Mother’s Day. I don’t tag my husband on social media posts or drop hints to everyone at what I might want each year (although I do love it when my kids come home with a handmade gift from school). Last year I was very proud of my two older children who decided to donate some of their own money to the Big Heart Project in lieu of a Mother’s Day gift for me. I’m not anti-Mother’s Day, it’s nice to be appreciated, but I do feel like it’s just another way to get us to spend more money on things we don’t really need. What I do treasure most on Mother’s Day is being surrounded by my four children. A moment for me to slow down and really just appreciate what I have right in front of me. Four (relatively) healthy children. I’m very conscious of what a blessing that is.

Here in Australia we celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May. This year it will fall on Sunday 13 May – which also happens to be our grandmother’s 100th birthday – which will be celebrating tomorrow, yay! So in lieu of a list of suggested Mother’s Day gifts I thought it would be nice to share a delicious No Bake Strawberry Lemonade Mini Cheesecake recipe with you instead – one that I plan to make with my own children this weekend assuming the 100th birthday festivities don’t run over. I’m a sucker for cheesecake plus they are relatively easy to make. This recipe doesn’t require the use of an oven or stove so is a great option to make with your kids or let them attempt to do so on their own.

Whatever you are doing on Sunday; celebrating, relaxing, opening presents, I hope it’s a good one. Happy Mother’s Day ladies!

Check out the recipe here.

Enjoy x

Charmaine Ana Chung
Charmaine Ana Chung

{Founder of Somewhere Between} From record labels in Sydney to barefoot & pregnant in Vientiane. Now back in my hometown, Canberra, with the husband and four kids. Getting through each day the opposite of a supermum.

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