Happy Mother’s Day (2018)

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I’m not one of those Mums who expects breakfast in bed or presents on Mother’s Day. I don’t tag my husband on social media posts or drop hints to everyone at what I might want each year (although I do love it when my kids come home with a handmade gift from school). Last year I was very proud of my two older children who decided to donate some of their own money to the Big Heart Project in lieu of a Mother’s Day gift for me. I’m not anti-Mother’s Day, it’s nice to be appreciated, but I do feel like it’s just another way to get us to spend more money on things we don’t really need. What I do treasure most on Mother’s Day is being surrounded by my four children. A moment for me to slow down and really just appreciate what I have right in front of me. Four (relatively) healthy children. I’m very conscious of what a blessing that is.

Here in Australia we celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May. This year it will fall on Sunday 13 May – which also happens to be our grandmother’s 100th birthday – which will be celebrating tomorrow, yay! So in lieu of a list of suggested Mother’s Day gifts I thought it would be nice to share a delicious No Bake Strawberry Lemonade Mini Cheesecake recipe with you instead – one that I plan to make with my own children this weekend assuming the 100th birthday festivities don’t run over. I’m a sucker for cheesecake plus they are relatively easy to make. This recipe doesn’t require the use of an oven or stove so is a great option to make with your kids or let them attempt to do so on their own.

Whatever you are doing on Sunday; celebrating, relaxing, opening presents, I hope it’s a good one. Happy Mother’s Day ladies!

Check out the recipe here.

Enjoy x

Charmaine Chung

Charmaine Chung is one half of the lady boss team behind Somewhere Between, a resource for super mamas everywhere raising kids in the feisty pre-teen and early teen years. Beginning her career in retail fashion, before moving onto the music industry, working for major record labels, Charmaine eventually moved from Sydney to Laos to follow her dreams of starting a family. Four kids and 14 years later, she’s back in Canberra where motherhood has won her over, leading her to develop Somewhere Between - for mums just like her - raising kids who are navigating that space between their childhood and teenage years.

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