A letter to my daughter: What would you say to your first boyfriend?

What would you say to your first boyfriend?

To my dear daughter

No tears because you didn’t lose him, he lost you.

May you find someone who appreciates you just the way you are, loves you completely with all his heart and treats you the way you should be treated. YOUR SOULMATE. And while you go through life in search of such love, know that every time you give your heart to someone it is teaching you the kind of love you deserve.

You may stumble and fall along the way and be blind to the kind of love it may be; puppy love, crush, first love... Experiencing that bond between two people - it’s all part of our growth. Someone will come into your life and steal a piece of your heart. Relationships are the same BOY-GIRL, GIRL-GIRL, BOY-BOY whatever it may be. Once you find your true love you will know there is no other feeling like it. THEY WILL COMPLETE YOU.

Don’t be in a rush for this kind of love. Know that it will come at the right time in your life when you least expect it and are not looking for it. Enjoy this beautiful thing called life because there is so much living to be done.

To my beautiful daughter I LOVE YOU with ALL my heart and I’m here every step, every bump, every heartache, no matter what it is you go through I’M ALWAYS going to be here no matter what xx

Photography and styling by Nicole Langford
Clothing provided by HIPKIN
Nicole Langford

Mother to teen, tween and threenanger… Stumbling through this thing called motherhood while following my passion for photography, fashion and anything else I can fit into that time where a mother has barely time to scratch herself or even have a toilet trip by herself… In between running to paddocks and moving machinery #farmlife #motherhood

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