A Newfound Friendship

I can't help but get a little emotional that my tween is getting closer to being a teen. She recently turned 11 and it has just amazed me at how quickly they can change in body and mind during that transition from ten to 11. The hormones sure can be challenging at times and with each month, I can see new mood changes. It still gets a little crazy at times, but there is not the confusion that she had when they first started. We are more in tune with each other and know how to be there for each other when it gets heated or the emotions are too much. We have a better understanding of our newfound friendship as she develops into a woman. Not sure what the next year will hold and not sure I can say I'm ready for the new changes or challenges, but as a mum you roll with the punches. I feel like she has commenced puberty so early and I've been preparing her for when she may get her period. God help me!

If I can give any advice for mums coming in to the tween age, it's that you need to find the time to listen. Have that time of day when you can have a one-on-one chat and they can have the opportunity to open up to you. Build that ‘trust’ with your children, so when they really need you, like when my Miss G’s bullying got really bad, they know they can talk to you about it. It can become very overwhelming when they try to deal with it by themselves. Big or little problems, it's always good to have someone to turn to. I don't know about you, but for us, this age has come with so much baggage. I think it's the hormones and the body changes.

The other day, Miss G came home and told me that one of the girls at school had made a fat and ugly list and my gorgeous girl was on the bottom of this list. Labelling girls as being the ugliest and fattest, I truly wonder where this comes from. For a child to want to put another child down like that, breaks my heart. I know my child is no angel and I sometimes see her drift to that other side of nasty when she feels it's better to join them, than go against them. I pray that all I teach her will shine through; the importance of being kind and that it's better to have friendships with people who treat you right, then with the those that don't.

With my little woman in tow, we will face this year together. Even though she may be looking down at me by the end of it, because I tell you she is getting so tall, eeeeekkkkk! She knows she always has my shoulder to lean on when things get tough. And I will continue to campaign against bullying and show people that it's better to stand up to a bully than to side with them. Teach KIND and make a change #itscooltobekind.

Nic xx

Nicole Langford

Mother to teen, tween and threenanger… Stumbling through this thing called motherhood while following my passion for photography, fashion and anything else I can fit into that time where a mother has barely time to scratch herself or even have a toilet trip by herself… In between running to paddocks and moving machinery #farmlife #motherhood

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