Rainbows and Unicorns – Part Two: The Party

Tween Birthday Party Ideas | Unicorn Extravaganza

Lilah’s 12th Birthday Party

Lilah loves unicorns and everything pretty… this is her birthday party!

Tween Birthday Party Ideas

Unicorn Make-Up Bar

A Unicorn Make-Up Bar gave every guest the opportunity to have some unique and unicorn makeup styling.

Tween girl having makeup done at birthday party
Tween girl having makeup done at birthday party
tween birthday party ideas - Unicorn makeup
tween birthday party ideas - having makeup done
tween birthday party ideas - Having makeup done

Unicorn Cake

A cake made of unicorn kisses and layers of Nutella. Cake by T.J Sprinkles.

Unicorn Birthday Cake
Unicorn inspired birthday cake

Unicorn Food

Unicorn Parfaits made with layers of jelly in a glitter cup (available at Kmart) topped with flavoured cream, sprinkles and cake toppers by Meri Meri (available at Blueschild) and Unicorn Drinks were Sugar Free Creaming Soda poured into plastic milk bottles from the party section of Kmart and unicorn straws from a discount store were added.

Discount stores can be your best friend when planning tween birthday party ideas, make sure you check all the different types in your area. You can always pick up some really helpful bits and pieces for your event.

Tween Girl having a slushi
tween birthday party ideas - Slushies!

Unicorn and Rainbow Photo Booth

Unicorn and Rainbow Photo Booth created by cutting plastic tablecloths in a range of colours into long strips and tying them to a photographic background… could also use a long piece of dowel. Tablecloths can be purchased from Kmart or any discount store. I bought these ones from a range of places, building up the colours to match the rest of the party decorations. For more tween birthday party ideas, I also added pieces of the Gold Look Foil Backdrop from Kmart that I cut up into smaller strips and tied in between the strips of tablecloth. The helium tank and balloons were also purchased from Kmart, their balloon range is quite big at the moment. Otherwise you can purchase balloons already inflated from stores such as Big W and Spotlight.

Unicorn Disco

Unicorn Disco with strips of coloured streamers to decorate the entrance of a darkened room. Add disco lights and music to create the ultimate Unicorn dance floor.

tween girl standing in pink dress
girls standing together
playing party games!
Dressing up as unicorns
tween birthday party ideas - unicorn theme!
At unicorn birthday party
At unicorn birthday party

Unicorn Horn Party Hats

Unicorn Horn Party Hats are Meri Meri brand purchased from Blues Child. Meri Meri is one of my favourite party brands with a range of party styles available…this brand makes me want to have a party for every one of life’s events!

Decorate Your Own Cupcakes

Decorate Your Own Cupcake featured paint palettes available from the art section of discount stores. Pop them on a decorative plate or unicorn napkin to make it look like decorative.

The plastic glitter knives were purchased from Kmart in the party section. I collected a range of small lollies and decorations from wholesale food stores, discount stores and the supermarket… purchasing anything small and in the right colour combinations. I also bought the hot pink icing from Spotlight, but if you are more talented in the baking area than I, you can make it yourself. For tween birthday party ideas, I found a foolproof recipe for the cupcakes. So I took the leap and made them the day before in preparation. Consider what cupcake papers you use, make sure they match your table setting. There are so many on the market! From experience I prefer the paper wrappers rather than the cardboard versions.

Party Games
Birthday Party Table
Party Food
Tween girls at birthday party
Party table
Birthday girl with her unicorn cake
Tween Birthday Party
Tween girls at unicorn themed party
Tween girls at party
unicorn cupcake
tween birthday party ideas - healthy snacks
Unicorn birthday cake

These unicorns celebrated all afternoon long… dancing until the sun went down.

tween birthday party ideas - Party Games

Photography and styling by Anna Critchley Stylist

Hair by Georgia from Lila and Allen


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