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Some-where-be-tween. A love hate relationship with fashion where it’s less cutesy and more sass and in-between not looking too grown up and keeping that girlie look. Keeping the fun in fashion. Where it’s all about the hair, the accessories, nail art, reflect sunnies and keeping the look basic but still funky.

I remember being 10 and buying my first Dolly magazine. The look into the fashion world blew my mind and I loved everything about it. I would work in the shearing shed with my Dad to earn money to buy clothes. Back then it was just Target and Myers. The range, of tween trendy clothes, is amazing.

I get so excited when we go shopping and start thinking of how my daughter will put her outfits together. Most of the time it's online because we live on a farm but until I found Instagram I had no idea of the crazy amazing world of kids fashion. It's endless!

Not so much for tweens but I see that it's making a come back where the brands understand the need for that in (between) stage. That stage when they become a little awkward with all those changes going on. I love that they’re making it more about being unique and being themselves. And less on trying to fit in and better to stand out.

Tween Girls Clothing

Being a Role Model for My Tween

When it comes to tweens there is a fine line between that change of age into a little women. Where us as mothers have to be aware you’re their role model. I find myself trying not to put myself down, because then that's what they start to themselves.

My biggest thing in being a mum is letting them know they’re unique in their own special way and it's okay to be different. My daughter expresses herself with her clothes. With a funky edge look giving her that confidence of it’s okay to be herself.

I have found myself at the age of 38 finding my edge again and trying not to fall into that trap of "you can't wear that you’re a mum" thought. But who wants to blend in when you can stand out?

Step into their wonderful world of tweens, where it's cool to take selfies with your mum and it's ok to be their best friend. Think I might stay here for awhile…

Nic x

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