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welleco kids protein powder


Protein powders are so confusing. The market seems saturated and they all claim to do different things. In saying this, I wanted to try the WelleCo Kids Nourishing Protein powder as soon as I saw it.

I guess what got my attention is the fact that it’s designed for kids {primarily tweens}, the marketing is very chic, yet natural and when you dig a bit deeper you discover that the product is co-founded by Elle Macpherson!

She's always been a celeb that intrigues me, she oozes natural health and beauty plus taken this goddessness from her career to motherhood seamlessly.

My Friends & Smoothies

I mentioned to a couple of my girlfriends that I had a tub of kids protein on its way to review. I got mixed reactions, which {to be honest} surprised me. One friend said that “she would never add protein {or any supplements such as vitamin tablets} to her children’s diet”.

She explained that children can get everything they need from their food. She is anti synthetic vitamins and we had a chat about those gummy bears and the likes.

Another friend said “A protein powder for kids, that's cool – I already add a whey powder to their breakfast smoothies”. She went onto say that it’s hard to find plain whey without any any other enhancers such as fat metabolisers. I found the whole thing interesting because they are both good friends --but I’ve never had these chats before.

Me and Smoothies

I’ve added all sorts supplements to my own diet. Depending on whether I am training for something, trying to drop weight, build muscle or even trying for another for another baby... I will look at different things I should or shouldn't be taking to get desired results. I am not hooked on anything, I am definitely not hardcore and what I am into changes all the time.

I take vitamins, fish oils, different powders such as Macca and protein as well as things like Berocca. Not all at once and not religiously, but if you came into my pantry --you’d find these. We are a fit family and I have four kids.

Hubby and Smoothies

My hubby is the king of smoothies. I wish I could be more like him and have a fun packed shake for breakfast – but I really like to eat. I’m the first to admit I enjoy everything about eating. Even putting the fork or spoon in my mouth and chewing makes me happy. But he comes home from the gym and will make himself a smoothie for brekkie packed with everything he needs and more. The kids ALWAYS want some. We don’t let them because up until now, supplements are not really for kids.

So, it's quite timely that I discovered WelleCo Nourishing Protein for Kids. That’s right! It’s DESIGNED for KIDS! I am from the breed of parents {like my girlfriend above} who believes that we can provide all the nutrients kids need from the food we grow/cook/make. I really am, BUT I admit that modern living can make that tricky. And sometimes I am simply lazy.

If I can get away with feeding the kids off the BBQ at the end of their sports carnival, I will. This is just one example of a meal where they are missing out on vital nutrients. I could name a stack more circumstances too {cringe, I know. I am mentioning in the hope you can relate}.

So, I wanted to give this Welleco Kids Nourishing Protein a go. I think of it as a “protein snack” even though it is actually much more because it contains vitamins and minerals as well as probiotics for healthy gut function. It is described as an “organic sprouted brown rice and pea protein supplement with real chocolate”. Quite different to anything I have tried before.

The Review

When you pop the tin, it smells really good. Like a how a dry, chocolate packet cake smells. The tin itself is shaped and works the same way as a tin of Milo--so my kids were already excited.

WelleCo suggests adding the supplement to either milk, water or a smoothie. My kids love their milk, so I opted for this first time. My boy was licking his lips as I stirred it in. He was a little chuffed to be “just like Daddy” with his special power-shake. Once it was ready, it looked and smelt like packet cake to me. And don’t get me wrong, I love packet cakes, I am just not sure I could down the raw batter – but do you know who could? My kids!

My son pretty much skulled the entire thing. He left a small portion in the bottom of the glass, said he was full and ran off to play. Typical him. The glass sat there for a moment and then my middle daughter came and polished it off. She loved it! It does taste sweet like cake too, but it is low in sugar. The sweetness comes from organic air-dried coconut sugar and the raw Peruvian cacao gives it the chocolate flavour.

Welleco Protein Powder

Benefits of Protein

Protein is essential for nearly all functions of the body and it’s essential for growth and puberty. Many of us have carbohydrate rich diets. Such as cereal or toast for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and rice and pastas for dinner. My 9 year old son could literally live on apples, muesli and pasta if I let him.

I sometimes forget that I am not a growing tween and I have different hunger needs to my children, but of course I don’t want him to skip meat and vegetables plus variety. Apparently eating a bunch of carbs during the day and not much else will lead to sugar cravings later.

Whereas a diet rich in protein will kerb those cravings and keep energy sustained without fluctuations. I swear some days either myself or my kids are cRaZy. The more I think about it, it probably is a food thing.

We are a busy family and are constantly rushing from school to sport or an activity. Since the WelleCo Kids Nourishing Protein powder arrived, I have been mixing them a banana protein smoothie to have before going to football training {my son} or swim squad + lessons {my daughters} and it seems to fill them up. In the past they might grab a packet of Tiny Teddies and an apple before hoping back in the car. I feel this snack is quick, easy and a huge improvement all round.

The Verdict

My kids like it. They don’t beg to have it, but if I offer them a shake they always say yes. In my opinion it won’t hurt them. It even tastes ok dry off your finger. I have sprinkled it over French Toast before as a cinnamon substitute.

Each serve contains a healthy dose of fruits and vegetables. I personally think this is a simple, natural addition to a young person’s diet. It has got me thinking, we aren't really what we eat… but what our bodies can actually absorb and assimilate.

Many synthetic vitamins and products probably are a waste of time/money since the body doesn’t process these supplements the same way as it would real food. WelleCo uses wholefoods, bio-live ingredients and no heat to utilise every nutrient. And from my small research, this seems to be key when looking at any supplement for you or your kids.

Welleco Nourishing Protein

*** Disclaimer - this is NOT a sponsored post.  Somewhere Between purchased this product for me to review and the opinions expressed here represent my own. WelleCo have however, been generous enough to offer a prize pack of the Kids Nourishing Protein powder to their followers so if you would like to be in with a chance to win some, make sure you follow them on Instagram because they will be giving some away next week!


Jenny Tiffen

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