Easy to Make Christmas Washi Tape Clothespin (Peg) Wreath

Christmas Craft Wreath hanging on front door

Christmas Craft

Christmas is (literally) around the corner. Have you decorated your house yet? Fear not, we have a quick and easy activity that even your younger children can make but your tweens will LOVE to do on their own. It’s super forgiving and doesn’t need to be ‘perfect’ – it will look fabulous either way.


    • One 12″ wire floral wreath
    • One package of 100 wooden clothespins (we got ours from Amazon) or you might even have enough lying around the house!
    • Several rolls of Christmas Washi Tape (like these from Amazon)
    • Scissors
    • Ribbon for hanging (like this one on Amazon) or you might have some at home you can use
    • Optional – large decorative Christmas bow (like this one on Amazon)
  • Optional – over the door wreath hanger (like this one on Amazon) you will need this if you don’t have a nail or something to hang the wreath on

materials needed to make Christmas craft wreath


Step 1: Choose the number of washi tape designs you will use. We chose three. Starting at the top of the flat part of the clothespin, add your washi tape. When you reach the bottom of the clothespin, tear or cut the washi tape.

tape and pegs

Step 2: Repeat this until all your clothespins are covered.

Washi Tape stuck on pegs

Step 3: Attach your clothespins to the wire floral wreath. Place your clothespins, alternating them high, then low, then high, etc. In order to get all the clothespins to fit, you may need to squish them together!

pegs decorated with red and green tape

Step 4: Keep going until the wreath is completely covered!

Christmas Craft Wreath

Steps 5: Grab your ribbon supplies: Take your smaller ribbon and measure how long you want the space from where you will hang the wreath to the wreath itself. We allowed about 12”, so we cut a length of ribbon of approx. 25”.

clothes pegs

Step 6: Fold the ribbon in half and thread through the wreath and tie a small knot and hang on your door as is OR if you would like to add a bow continue to the next step.

Step 7 (optional): Attach the larger decorative bow to the hanging ribbon and hang on your door using a wreath hanger.

Wreath hanging on front door

Voila! The perfect school holiday activity, Christmas craft for your kids at any age.

For more Christmas Craft activities, why not do some cooking?

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