Ten Inspiring Movies to Watch with Your Tweens

As an obsessed horse-loving tween, trotting, neighing and galloping consumed my thoughts. I mean, I slept with horsehair under my pillow, dreaming of the day my parents might pull up in the front driveway with a whinnying four-legged friend for me. The way to my heart… something, anything, all things to do with these magnificent maned creatures. 

The day my mom whisked me away to a “surprise movie outing,” it was no wonder the excursion revolved around a horse. Bold and beautiful, Pie raced across the big screen, the superstar of the movie, “National Velvet.” His glistening frame would forever be etched in my memory. Some forty years later, I can recall riding home, recounting the details of the story to my mom over and over. How Elizabeth Taylor’s character, Velvet Brown, never gave up on her dream. Encountering every hurdle, literally and figuratively, Velvet remained resolute. 

Like Velvet, we must remain determined to deepening our relationships with our children. What better way to connect than through the movies! So many great movies, so many great lessons to learn. 

Here are ten inspiring movies to watch with your tweens:

  • Wonder
  • Hidden Figures
  • McFarland USA
  • Remember the Titans
  • The Blind Side
  • Radio
  • The King’s Speech
  • The Help
  • Rudy
  • Iron Giant

I’ve included some quick and easy talking points to get the conversation flowing, post-movie if needed. 

Five easy talking points for any movie

I wish they would have…

I wish they would have told what happened to Mi after he left Velvet’s house.

I loved that…

I loved that Velvet didn’t give up and found a way to make her dream happen

I want to ask… 

I want to ask Velvet’s mom about her race across the English Channel 

I’ll never forget… 

I’ll never forget… when they disqualified Velvet and Pie

The movie reminded me of…

The movie reminded me of…when I was growing up and how much I loved my horse


By the way, that dream of having my very own horse… well, it did come true! A speckled grey roan captured my heart from the moment I laid eyes on her. I’ll never forget my dappled mare, and never will I fail to remember the day my mom found the exact right movie just for me. Thank you, mom! Wish you were here to take me one more time.


DISCLAIMER: As many of us have different viewing criteria for our children, please check Common Sense Media before viewing any of the above-recommended movies to decide if it is appropriate for your family.

Renee Davis

Renee Davis is a working mother of four grown and flown kiddos, a 15-year veteran teacher and married 28 years to her amazing husband, Scott. Working with thousands of youth, they both hope to change young lives for the better. For the past three years, Renee has been passionate and privileged in creating content and curriculum for an innovative middle school class, focusing on social and emotional learning, daily living skills, as well as organizational skills. The course has been a success according to parent and student responses. In her spare time, Renee loves having brunch with her husband, chatting about work with her three boys and shopping the latest trends with her daughter. Of course, viewing the antics of their new kitten and elder cat have kept her chuckling as well.

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