Tween Zombie Virus (Part Two)

How to cope with tween zombie virus

(You can read part one here).

It’s like walking on eggshells in hope of not waking the sleeping zombie! You see, tweens have these zombie moods; they can be a total angel one minute then screeching zombie rolling her eyes the next. All you have to do is say something like “you need to clean your room“  and that’s it, it’s like you’ve asked them to cut off their leg. Which has you thinking, where the hell did that come from? So I’m thinking that tweens are a lot like threenagers, you know how three year olds have tantrums that seem to come out of the blue? Like when they don’t get their way, tweens are like that but it is nowhere near as cute. I think once tweens hit puberty the hormones must mess with their brains, where the brain tells them that mum and dad are stupid and don’t know anything ‘I’m right, they’re wrong and they should just leave me alone’!!!

So my first instinct is to try fix it, talk it through and work through the problem. Ahhhhh no. That’s right I’m stupid and don’t know anything. So my next move is to ignore it like back when my threenager had tantrums - eventually they stop and forget about it, then move on to something else like nothing has happened.

Well played mama, well you would hope so but these tween are unpredictable, and with every turn of events you never know what’s around the corner.

They say bigger the kids the bigger the problem, at least with a three year old they know less words than a tween.

So for now I will be walking around the house on eggshells in hope of not waking the sleeping zombie tweenager who may bite off my head just for asking her to do her home work. (Or hope that I either outsmart her or magically get my sweet girl back).

Model is wearing clothing by Minti from Treehouse Republic

Photography by Nicole Langdon

Nicole Langford

Mother to teen, tween and threenanger… Stumbling through this thing called motherhood while following my passion for photography, fashion and anything else I can fit into that time where a mother has barely time to scratch herself or even have a toilet trip by herself… In between running to paddocks and moving machinery #farmlife #motherhood

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