How I’m surviving the moody tweens

tween girl

A  Moody Tween

So where do I start? I’ve talked about the attack of the zombie virus epidemic (parts one and two). Well we just took it to another level with my gorgeous (moody tween) girl. I say gorgeous because she is, but she’s lost her way and I need to help her get back on the path to being the amazing, gorgeous girl I know she can be.

After receiving a phone call from the school to say she has been suspended for swearing at a teacher I was DEVO. We were both DEVO. So my initial thoughts were, ‘where did I go wrong?’ The more I thought about it, the answer was not anything to do with me. It was about her, she’s not a bad kid, she’s just lost her way, and as her mum it’s my job to try point her back on the right path.

What had changed?

I had to think about what had changed in the last few weeks, months? The first thing that set off alarms was her iPod. She had started Snapchatting, all her friends are using the app and she has been wanting to for ages. I thought if I controlled who she spoke to and knew who she was speaking to, it would be okay.

I hate to say this but it’s just something she’s not ready for. I'm not sure what it is but I see a huge change in my kids when they have too much screen time. I was already aware of this and that’s why we minimise screen time in general, but I had caved in a bit to what is cool for tweens and let my guard down.

So we’re getting back to basics, REAL kids stuff. Kids should be kids for as long as they can so these are a few things we have been doing to help her with, how should I say it… mood / hormones / general tween stuff!

Limit screen time

NO iPod (or other device) for now. Stop any desire to hack into my data and get on social media.


We use an app called CALM daily which is meditation and cool pod casts.


We play music and dance around like no ones watching. And if you have read most of my tween blogs, YES we still have our song and she’s been playing it a lot lately. It’s cool that we still have that… She’s also back into reading and art.


We work with the school and she meets with someone each week to check in on how she’s feeling. She’s also started training for her cross country.


She has her daily chores: room to be cleaned daily; lock up dog; and help us with dishes and washing. These are things I did with my eldest and it gives us more time to chat while working together. She seems to open up a lot that way with the chatting flowing easy as we work together and it will help her get ready for boarding school.

We are going on three weeks since the last call from the school and we have seen a huge change both at school and at home.

She even made a fairy garden over the weekend like we did when she was little - never too old to believe in magic! So fingers crossed to us putting her back on the right path to the amazing gorgeous girl we know she is and keeping alive the child within. It may just make her not want to grow up so fast.

So yes, we have had a moody tween in the house lately, but we are coming out the other side (I think!).

moody tween girl
girl wearing yellow jacket, posing
moody tween girl
tween girl wearing yellow jumper
tween girl - moody
tween girl wearing yellow jumper
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