How to celebrate Easter with your tweens!

Easter, just like other major holidays, becomes a little tricky as children become older. There is less emphasis on The Easter Bunny or Santa... and a little bit of the magic can disappear around these events. Over the past few years I have created a new focus on the fun, party like, atmosphere that these special times can hold. I mean, what’s not to like about Easter... extended time off from work and school to spend with your loved ones while eating copious yummy treats. Let’s party!

This year I picked a colour scheme based on the cute bunny pencil cases I picked up from Kmart. Peach and gold decorations, combined with little wrapped treats to open over Easter, confetti to give that party atmosphere and lots of Japanese lollies as treats. We aren’t the biggest of chocolate eaters in our house, so the little gifts often reflect the season. PJ’s, hoodies, snuggly blankets and books are high on my Easter shopping list. With four days of holidays I try and focus on things that can be used over that time and as the girls have gotten older we have opened our gifts at the start of the Easter break to get full use.

I love setting up the party table early to build the anticipation…although some of the lollies are starting to disappear...I can’t wait to celebrate and spend time together as a family over the Easter break.

The Girls are wearing Rock Your Kid from Blues Child Maitland.
The basket is the Sun Jellies brand I picked up at Sugar Republic in Sydney.
All the party styling was from Kmart and other local dollar shops.


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Anna Critchley
Anna Critchley

Anna Critchley is a stylist with a passion for great retail, hospitality venues and children’s fashion. She is a wife and mother of two girls, aged 14 and 11 years. Anna is constantly planning family getaways. Scouring social media, websites and blogs for new and out of the ordinary places to stay, eat and of course, shop… A passion for capturing memories, Anna is rarely seen without a camera in her hand.

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